Use cases – FlowBoard

Use cases

Check out how FlowBoard will boost productivity of your team


Take control of chaos − support a distributed team

Your company has branches in different cities? Certainly you are experiencing problems typical of a distributed team. Let's take the back-office area as an example. It often happens that process participants work in offices several hundred kilometres away from each other.

Employees communicate by phone or e-mail. They must inquire (losing time) if someone has started the implementation of the tasks, whether their colleague has completed their work and delay the transmission of documents, or whether they have not started their work yet... FlowBoard will help you control the chaos. Process participants will receive tasks to do, and you will be able to monitor the progress of their work. In addition, FlowBoard improves communication thanks to the possibility to add notes and comments to tasks.


Introduce order − support customer service

Do you run an IT business or provide services to many customers? Your services are used by numerous companies and you have problem with organizing the acceptance of orders? The remedy for your problems can be FlowBoard.

By encouraging your customers to use the system, you bring order to the company. Not only will you know the progress of things to be done, but also your customers will receive information on how long they have to wait for your intervention. Also, you will see how many (and what) orders your company receives per week/month/year, which of them burden your employees the most and which of your services are used most intensively. This is the easiest way to optimize costs!

Do not worry about privacy − each customer will only have insight into their own cases.


Simple solutions within reach – an assistant for any manager

FlowBoard is a useful manager assistant that will order processes in which successive tasks are dependent on each other. Example – new employee onboarding.

Start a new hire process in FlowBoard and you will be sure that all the paperwork will be done in time. FlowBoard will automatically assign tasks to competent people – IT will prepare a computer and software, HR will draft a contract and necessary documents and back-office will complete the onboarding.


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