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Catalogue of process templates

Each FlowBoard user has access to a catalogue of more than 50 predefined processes, which can be ran if necessary. As an administrator, you can create new process templates and edit the predefined ones.

To facilitate the use of the process catalogue, its content is grouped by departments − IT, Finance, HR, Accounting and so on. As a result, in just a few seconds each employee will be able to report an issue for execution. Just a couple of clicks and the issue will be is moved to the TO-DO list!


To-Do List

Each process consists form a several to a few dozen tasks. When carrying out the same process several times, like hiring a new employee, it is easy to overlook any of the tasks – you know, the human factor.

FlowBoard remembers each task – it generates a to-do list based on a previously prepared template (which you can modify). As a result, employees will not have to wonder what tasks need to be done to complete the process. In addition, you can add task relations. It should be obvious that you do not provide a new employee with access to corporate systems if the confidentiality agreement has not been signed yet.


Detailed description of each task

Although instances of the same processes are identical (subsequent tasks are the same), they may differ in small details. To refine each task, such details are specified upon process request.

As a result, each process includes complete information necessary for its correct completion, without putting work on hold to wait on the details.


Easy to use process and task editor

Use the graphical process editor to quickly design a custom process or modify a predefined one (designed by us). Assign employees to individual tasks, set deadlines for the tasks execution and add task relations.

Task relations are particularly important − FlowBoard allows you to design the process so as to allow the work on subsequent tasks only when the previous ones receive the "done" status or any other status specified by you.

You can also split the process into several parallel paths depending on the status of the closure of one or more tasks.


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