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Free Time-Off Request Template With Acceptance Flow

JANUARY 23, 2019


Counting down the days to your precisely-planned holiday or a last-minute offer you couldn't miss out on? Regardless of whether the holiday is planned much earlier or spontaneous, you have to get your manager's approval.

Time-off requests – how it's done in your company?

Submitting your holiday request is your responsibility. The form of this request can vary between organizations, as it's rarely regulated by local law. However, the relationship can be observed depending on the size of a company. Here are our conclusions:

1) Small companies often do not have a formal leave request policy. Need time off? Just go talk to your supervisor about it.

2) Large companies usually require a leave request in writing on a specific template, which later goes through a multi-level approval and is archived for reference.

3) Some companies introduce a dedicated IT system which sole purpose is processing time-off requests.

How does it work in your company? Regardless of the size of your organization and whether you are an employee or an employer, you can streamline the leave request process. We have a solution that combines the benefits of all these three approaches while being easy to use and versatile.

Request time off with FlowBoard

FlowBoard is a workflow management tool that you can use for acceptance flow, like time-off requests. Use a premade template and adapt it to your needs or create your own workflow from scratch.

Depending on the organization, time-off approval can be simple or multi-level

How to set up leave requests in FlowBoard?

The leave request process works on the same principle as every other process in FlowBoard. The basic information you need to define is:

  • a process owner (a person responsible for this workflow),
  • a request form (with data fields: the first/last day of the leave),
  • a task list with acceptance flow.

  • Check how to set up a process in FlowBoard in 4 steps:

    1. Create a new process template

    Enter the name of the process, like "Time-off request". Next, select the process owner ("Requester's manager"), so that FlowBoard is able to pass the request on to the appropriate person.

    FlowBoard create a new proces

    2. Design a request form

  • the first day of leave
  • the last day of leave
  • type of leave (as a select list)
  • argumentation.
  • FlowBoard request form

    3. Create an acceptance flow in the task list

    Each task should have two closing statuses, e.g. "I accept" and "I refuse" so that its assignee can make a decision. You can require the approval of a manager only or create a multi-level acceptance flow, creating several tasks that are dependent on each other, assigned to people at various levels of the organization.

    Don't forget to assign a manager to every user, so that FlowBoard knows who should accept a requester's leave. You can do it in a user's profile settings.

    FlowBoard acceptance form

    4. Request time off

    After saving the process template, it's ready for use by all users. From now on, to make a leave request all you need to do is fill in the details in a short request form. After closing the last task in the acceptance flow, the requester will receive an email notification that his leave has been approved. They will also know if it was rejected.

    Let your team know about the new time-off request process and send invitations to FlowBoard to employees who do not have an account yet.

    This solution will positively affect your company, employees and decision makers:

  • An employee always knows the status of their request
  • A manager sees all the leave requests awaiting their decision
  • All current and historical requests are stored in one place
  • Try FlowBoard Free!

    Holiday calendar

    In addition to the workflow tool, it's also a good practice to keep a holiday calendar for your team. We recommend two methods:

    1) An online calendar (Outlook, Google) shared with everyone in the team. When the leave is accepted, create an event named "Holiday: Name and surname" through the relevant days. This approach will work if there is no need for precise coordination of people on shifts.

    2) A spreadsheet will work better than the calendar for teams where work continuity must be maintained (production, support departments). The columns in the sheet are the days of the month, and the rows are employees. People who can be replaced by one another are assigned the same color. Such a matrix helps to notice time-off conflicts at the first glance.

    Paid Time Off (PTO) policy

    Do not forget to set up the rules for granting time off. You will need a clear and publicly available time off policy. Such policy should specify, among others:

  • how many months forward you can apply for a leave
  • what's the shortest notice for the leave
  • in which specific periods in the year leave requests will not be accepted
  • how much time does the manager have for the decision
  • on what basis conflicts in holidays will be resolved – what determines the priority (date of sending the request, seniority, argumentation or the manager's decision)
  • how to apply for a leave
  • You can enter your time-off policy in FlowBoard as a process description. Each person will be able to read it when sending a new leave request.

    Process Time-Off Requests in FlowBoard Free

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