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Equipment Purchase Order -
a Repeatable Process or a New Challenge Every Time?

JANUARY 30, 2019

Have you ever worked on outdated or faulty equipment? Any company needs to replace some of its hardware several times a year. If you're like us, you will agree that employee satisfaction is half the success of any organization. And employee satisfaction depends partially on workplace comfort and the quality of equipment they use on a daily basis, so don't keep them waiting for new stuff indefinitely. See how to carry out the purchase of equipment quickly and efficiently.

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The process of equipment purchase may look different in every organization. Imagine you are required to report the request directly to your manager, however, in the plethora of duties, he happens to forget about it. You can do limited work without new tools, so after a week, you try to get an update on your request. In response, learn that he has more important matters on his mind at the moment, so you need to wait some more. As a result, everyone is stressed out, and you start losing hope for the new tools. Sounds familiar?

Organizations cope with repetitive tasks differently. They use process management tools, calendar events, to-do lists, and post-it notes. The bigger the company, the easier it gets to disorganize employees' daily work. Not knowing whom to ask for a specific service or losing track os small non-critical tasks are the most common problems. Do you know this from your own experience?

How does the IT equipment purchase process look like in your company?

Usually, two to three people are involved in the standard purchasing process. This applies regardless of whether you are setting up hardware for a new employee or if you're just ordering a new headset. The approval path is always the same.

What does this process look like in your company? Do you work on professional equipment that needs to be replaced? When you know exactly what you need to do your work, you report it to your supervisor. It depends on him whether your request will be accepted. His approval sets off the rest of the process where other members of your company are involved.

You might have noticed that a purchase order is a recurring activity. Throughout the year, you can observe the delivery of new computers, monitors, cables or headphones at your company several times. The time has come to automate it!

Let FlowBoard be your guide while ordering equipment

You can use FlowBoard to automate the process of purchasing IT equipment. With FlowBoard you get access to over fifty premade process templates, including the IT equipment purchase order. You can use the template as-is or customize it to your organization's needs. You can also create your own template from scratch. Each choice is good for your company, as you will repeatedly use this template for every following equipment order in the future!

See how equipment purchase order is done in Flowboard

Step 1: Select a process template: "Equipment purchase order".

In order to submit a request for the purchase of equipment, select the "Equipment purchase order" from the templates library. Next, fill in the details needed in the approval process, including:

  • equipment type,
  • additional requirements,
  • additional attachments,
  • delivery date.

    Simply equipment request in FlowBoard.

    Step 2: Approval and budget setting.

    After you fill in the form, FlowBoard will copy the list of tasks from the process template and assign them to relevant people. The first task in the process is passed to the decision-maker so that they can approve the purchase and set the budget in the next step.

    Equipment tasks in FlowBoard.

    When one task is completed, the next one unlocks, and its assignee is notified by email, so no communication is needed at this point.

    Step 3: Ordering the equipment.

    After the approval is given, it's time to order the equipment. This task will automatically be assigned to the person with the purchasing competence (if there is a user with this competence in FlowBoard). Having a specific budget, the indicated employee orders the described equipment.

    After completing the purchase in FlowBoard, another task for the same person will be unlocked: "Confirm the equipment delivery".

    Step 4: Collect the equipment and finish the process.

    The final task is meant to confirm the collection of the ordered equipment by the requesting person. From start to finish you can keep track of the current state of your request.

    Find all completed orders in history.

    At FlowBoard nothing is lost! The finished process is moved to the archive. In the search box, you can look up each completed process by entering a specific phrase, like "equipment order John Doe".

    FlowBoard - a helping hand in process automation

    Buying equipment for a company is not always quick and pleasant. It's often a time-consuming process and depends on a number of actions in the organization. By using FlowBoard as an employee, you can quickly and easily request new equipment. The tool for automating tasks and processes, such as Flowboard, will help you not only streamline purchase process, but also reduce delays and improve the quality of communication between employees.

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