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14 February 2019

How to Properly Purchase Software for Your Company?

How many times have your employees reported demand for MS Office, Photoshop, Illustrator or any sector-related software? When we talk about office work, similar situations cannot […]
11 February 2019

Equipment Purchase Order – a Repeatable Process or a New Challenge Every Time?

Have you ever worked on outdated or faulty equipment? Any company needs to replace some of its hardware several times a year. If you’re like us, […]
6 February 2019

Free Time-Off Request Template With Acceptance Flow

Counting down the days to your precisely-planned holiday or a last-minute offer you couldn’t miss out on? Regardless of whether the holiday is planned much earlier […]
28 January 2019

How To Improve Your New Employee Onboarding Process

How To Improve Your New Employee Onboarding Process The recruitment process for a position on your team has just ended. Ann is counting down the last […]
24 January 2019

Making invoice processing more effective with a simple description

In the course of the daily work you probably handle multiple vendor invoices. We tend to treat them as a matter of routine, however, our neglect […]
24 January 2019

7 things to remember when offboarding an employee

Running your own business and employing people? Or you’re a manager in charge of your own team? Surely, you have parted ways with employees more than […]