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About us

Discover the history of the company and the FlowBoard team

  • Grzegorz Filarowski
    “The idea for FlowBoard was inspired by life itself. We lacked good organization of processes, and the result was that a small administrative error, unnoticed in time, led to embarrassing consequences. I was surprised that a suitable tool that helps small and medium businesses automate repetitive processes was unavailable on the market.”
    Grzegorz Filarowski
    CEO of LOG Systems sp. z o.o.
  • Tomasz Bodetko
    “I have over 20 years of experience in business, which is invaluable when working with the application which 10-15 years ago I could only dream of. I believe that FlowBoard for managers will be what it is for me now − a tool which saves a lot of time and which performs tasks without errors.”
    Tomasz Bodetko
    Managing Director of LOG Systems sp. z o.o.
  • “We spent over two years to provide users with maximum ease of use, but also access to advanced features for more demanding users. We put a lot of time in the appropriate design of process templates that we provide to our users as included in the application − at no extra charge.”
    Przemysław Tomulik
    Product Manager
  • “I am enthusiastic about new technologies, and in my work I appreciate the possibility of using applications supporting my professional duties. I use FlowBoard in everyday tasks, such as preparation of newsletters, blog materials, or organizing webinars. The use of the system makes creating marketing materials and strategies for FlowBoard much easier.”
    Alicja Zielińska
    Marketing Manager

LOG Systems company

Our company started to operate in 2001. It was the time when the service associated with software license audits − Software Asset Management (SAM) – appeared on the Polish market. 5 years later, the LOG System application saw the daylight. The software, supported and developed until today, offers a range of functionalities that greatly optimize the work of IT department in organizations representing various industries.

2014 − growth of business and back-office problems

The development of software by LOG System contributed to the expansion of the company with new employees and business processes. Disorganization in back-office work started to be seen due to lack of an appropriate tool to support internal processes in the company. A minor administrative error not noticed in time could have serious consequences for continued operation and the company's existence. This became the reason for the search for tools that would support the work of the back office of our company.

No commercial solution?

In 2015, we started to look for a tool to support the back office of our company. A shock! The market did not offer a commercial solution dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises that would meet our requirements. In this regard, we started to consult the clients of our LOG System software and our business partners who had noticed similar problems in their organizations.

Birth of FlowBoard

The search for a solution and problems with the organization of internal processes strengthened our belief that we would not find a commercial tool on the market. Hours of talks with nearly 1,000 customers and specialists in the field of business processes gave birth to the idea of building an application from scratch.

Over 2 years of work of developers, business process specialists, consultations with administration staff and managers in companies, graphic and UX designers. Objective: creating a useful tool for supporting the work of the back office.

We will not idealize the reality; it was not easy. The clash of the first version of the application with the market verified the direction of its development. With this lesson, we customized the system to meet the needs of organizations representing different industries.

Today, with pride and belief in the value of the product, we present FlowBoard − a simple to use, but effective system that organizes daily work.

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